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I want the MCU to continue to be awesome, and have been starting to worry that maybe that ship has sailed. “Loki” gives me a lot of hope. After those first two Disney+ shows (I thought WandaVision was interesting but not MCU-level-awesome and Falcon/Winter Soldier was just okay but leaning toward kinda dull), I was expecting “Loki” to be better. But honestly, “Loki” is waaay better. It feels like it belongs in the MCU.

Right away in Episode 1, we get one thing that has been missing from the early Disney+ shows…

I liked it and…

A movie can be both stupid and good at the same time. Some movies are actually supposed to be that way. “Godzilla vs. Kong” is one of those.

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First the bad. Or in this case, the stupid. If you watched “Friday Night Lights” the TV series, you know that Kyle Chandler is one of the greatest living actors in the universe. He was sort of in this movie. He was one of the many humans who sometimes said or did stuff that had something to do with responding in some way to the fact that fucking Godzilla existed and could…

But we do it anyway

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It’s a necessary evil, a sad inevitability when the time comes for critics and academics to deconstruct wonderful things. Somehow, they never seem to understand what made them wonderful in the first place and manage only to diminish them under their microscopes.

It’s the fact of “The Illiad” and “The Odyssey” that is important. Not how they were written.

If you want to understand “contemporary American culture” through comic books and movies, fine, there’s a lot to explore. But engage with the work and find out what it does for people. …

A whistleblower speaks out

For every important event that deserves our laser-focus and attention - like the gallant actions of Ted Cruz taking time from his tireless efforts to improve the lives of Texans to escort his family on a perilous plane ride to Cancun (and then come right back!) - there are pointless stories taking up the valuable attention spans of information consumers.

I’m talking about stories that no one wants to hear, but the “media” keeps shoving down our collective throat. Boring stories like how, mere hours after a violent mob attacked the Capitol, Ted Cruz valiantly honored the will of (some…

I’m already forgetting his name, but the loudness echoes on

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Remember when “gay-marriage” became legal and all of us straight people suddenly left our conventional marriages to become gay because there were no laws telling us we couldn’t? Neither do I. But I do recall it was of great concern in certain circles. I also remember when this same lack of very specific laws was going to cause everyone to marry their dogs. “What’s stopping everyone from marrying their dogs, then?” Oh, I don’t know… maybe not wanting to marry a dog? But, for whatever reason, it was a huge…

Because it’s almost too late.

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1”; that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Adolf Hitler or his deeds.” — Godwin’s Law

Attorney Mike Godwin wrote that in 1990 on Usenet.

I remember the first time I encountered a reference to Godwin’s Law. It was many years later, before Twitter and Facebook, when the preferred arena for arguing anonymously with people was still comment-boards and blogs.

By that time, it had become an ingrained…

Will a reformed America emerge from the wreckage?

It was perhaps the biggest trigger of the Protestant Reformation ignited by Martin Luther in 1517. What was it?

The Indulgence. Official forgiveness of sins in exchange for money or service.

Satan giving Indulgences — Illustration from the Jensky Codex, 1490s Czech Manuscript. Wikimedia Commons

“Basically, by purchasing an indulgence, an individual could reduce the length and severity of punishment that heaven would require as payment for their sins, or so the church claimed. Buy an indulgence for a loved one, and they would go to heaven and not burn in hell. Buy an indulgence for yourself, and you needn’t worry about that pesky affair you’d been having. … If this sounds like cash…

How a Biden Facebook ad shows that Fascism might win either way

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The most difficult conversation to have in 2020 is the one where you point out anything wrong coming from any direction other than Trump. There is an excellent and obvious reason for this, of course. But I’m about to criticize Joe Biden so let me make absolutely clear what direction I’m coming from: Trump is the worst person we’ve ever had occupying our top office. The amount of damage he’s done to our nation, our economy, our international position, our reputation, and our Thanksgiving dinners is truly incalculable…

Stephen T. Harper

Cogito ergo…um… wait, I know this one, just give me a minute…

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